All sound is the sound of mantra: Locust Grove cascade and PTC cicadas

Since the local 17-year cicadas are mostly hidden in the obviously teeming woods around the PTC perimeter, I decided to stop in today at Locust Grove, the Samuel Morse estate on the Hudson River about 15 minutes up Route 9. Not a single cicada to be seen or heard. OK, so maybe it’s named after the trees.

Most of the signs for my favorite short walking loop were suddenly missing, but the trails were open and not too sodden from the recent Tropical Storm Andrea rain, so I consoled myself with the sound of the little cascade on the Cascade Trail, which does sound somewhat like cicadas:

Locust Grove Cascade

Meanwhile, the cicadas at PTC and in Bowdoin Park continue to get louder, and several people have commented that the sound suggests a spaceship hovering overhead:

Pair of cicadas on raspberry bush PTC driveway

Mapleknoll Gate sound of cicadas

(high scound volume recommended to hear cicadas)

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