37 practices: verses 23 and 24

23. To give up attachment to positive experiences

When I encounter something that’s delightful / such as a rainbow on a summer day,

To give up all attachment to its beauty / and never cling to it as truly real:

This is the way a bodhisattva trains.

verse 23 audio above (note change from “in the summertime” to “on a summer day”)

24. To regard adverse circumstances as delusion

All forms of suf-fer-ing are just like dreaming / that my belov-ed child has passed away.

Appearances like these are just delusions; / to take them as true drains my energy.

When I encounter adverse circumstances, / to see them as delusions of my mind:

This is the way a bodhisattva trains.

verse 24 audio above (note change from “real” to “true”)

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Commentary for verses 23 and 24 will be up soon, following our next class on March 15. The class will be on hiatus Thursdays March 22 and 29 as I will be at PTC for Lama Norlha Rinpoche’s memorial service. We’ll resume April 5.

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