Guided meditations

We completed the text of 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva in June 2018, but a number of us have continued to meet via Zoom every Thursday over the summer to chant the 37 practices together and do a guided meditation. By request, Mark is now recording the meditations and posting them on the same page as the audio of the 37 practices classes.

We generally, with many variations, follow the format of the first two points of the seven points of mind training: cultivating ultimate bodhicitta (wisdom), through resting in awareness; and cultivating relative bodhicitta (love and compassion) through taking and sending, aka tong len. These have been adapted into a pdf file called “The Two Wings of Awakening,” linked below.

Guided meditations are about 15 minutes long, and extemporaneous. As I write this, we’ve only recorded one so far, and listening to it for the first time, I feel it may be a bit wordy, so I hope to talk less and leave more open space in subsequent weeks.

Audio of the meditations

Two Wings of Awakening (pdf)