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37 practices: verse 29

29. To attain complete and stable meditation To vanquish my emotionality / I need insight based in tranquility. To understand this and to cultivate / a stable, focused meditative state, Not getting stuck in the four formless realms: / This … Continue reading

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Please, Sir, Could I Have … Less?

October 2009 Dear friends, We passed the halfway mark of the three-year, three-month, three-day retreat during the summer, and are now speeding down the hill toward our re-entry into the world we left behind in January 2008. It is hard … Continue reading

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Same Old Raccoon

August 2008 Lama Norlha Rinpoche, when he teaches meditation, sometimes illustrates his instructions with a classic example: If we become accustomed to sitting in meditation with a spaced-out, blank mind, it is said that we are sowing seeds for rebirth … Continue reading

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Raccoon Story

August 2008 For the past few weeks, we’ve been entertained almost every day by a family of raccoons: a mother and five cubs. The cubs are SO cute! They climb the chicken wire enclosure where the guinea hens used to … Continue reading

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